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October 3, 20190

We have attended several service calls regarding faulty pool boilers. In the majority of the calls that we receive for faulty pool boilers the boiler has not been serviced and requires a tear down, strip, and clean. Once it has been fully stripped and cleaned it can be properly tested to make sure that all the safeties are working properly. Faulty safeties can cause catastrophic failures, flame roll-out, and several other issues.

The best thing you can do to prevent any issues with your pool boiler is to call a professional gas fitter. Gas fitters have to go through a lengthy schooling process and spend many hours learning how to properly work with gas equipment. Gasfitters are also cautious as they are aware of the dangers of a potential gas leak or fault in a boiler system.

A “Class B” Gasfitter is designation is enough to work on residential systems as it allows the fitter to work on equipment and applicances up to 400,000 BTU’s. At Limitless Mechanical however we have a “Class A” Gasfitter which allows us to work on large commercial, and residential equipment. The “Class A” Gasfitter designation permits our team member to work on unlimited BTU’s.

If you are questioning your pool boiler and you want to call in the professionals, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals you can trust at Limitless Mechanical!

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