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Big or small, we have your business covered!

Our highly trained staff can handle all of your commercial HVAC and Refrigeration needs!

Limitless Mechanical is your Commercial HVAC Specialists with over 20 years in Commercial HVAC experience. We sell, service, and maintain HVAC Systems as well as complete commercial HVAC installations.

We sell, service, and maintain Roof Top Units, Direct and Indirect Fired Make-up Air Systems, Exhaust Fans, Supply Fans, Split AC Systems, Fan Coils, Server Room AC Systems, Hallway Pressurization Systems, Chillers, Cooling Towers, and Much More.

Check out our Limitless unlimited HVAC Service Plans today with our specialized HVAC Service Teams. All of our plans are available on Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, and Annually.

  • Tier 1 – Quickshot Service and Filters – Look, listen, feel, and flip filters
  • Tier 2 – Complete Service, Test, and Filters – Test, lube, complete system investigation, and filter changes
  • Tier 3 – Complete Service, Test, Cleaning and Filters – Test, lube, complete system investigation, coil cleaning, and filter changes

Limitless Mechanical has over 20 years of experience with grocery store refrigeration. We have a complete understanding of cold and keeping your product at an optimum temperature. Our technicians are trained to solve problems quickly to mitigate product loss and keep your coolers running cool and your freezers frozen!

We sell service and maintain compressors, racks, cooler and freezer systems. We also sell service and maintain reach-in coolers, sandwich coolers, beverage coolers, under counter coolers, and freezers.

If it absolutely has to be frozen, cool, or cold, you can trust Limitless not to chill until your refrigeration system does.

You already know Limitless Mechanical is the king of cool! So, you must already understand that we know ice machines!

Limitless Mechanical sells, services, and maintains Ice Machines including, flakers, and crushers! We can supply larger ice bins or provide more production if required.

Grease traps and Kitchen exhaust are required to be maintained on a regular basis. Limitless Mechanical will perform these duties as part of our HVAC and Refrigeration plans for restaurants. We are a complete maintenance provider and will not leave you hanging!

We also provide drain maintenance, unclogging, hydro-flushing, and camera inspections!

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